Yoga Classes

Restorative Yoga

Seated, walking, and lying meditations will be explored in more depth during this evening class.  Described as ‘the Yoga of Being’, Restorative Yoga encourages passive, supported postures in which breathwork may be explored.   Postures are held for a longer duration as a way of invoking the relaxation response within the body.  This class is strategically placed to restore, nourish and renew after a busy week and reset for the week to come!

Gentle Yoga

This class welcomes all levels and focuses on alignment, mindful movement, and breath work.  The asana (posture) practice will minimize extra weight bearing while still encouraging range of motion within the joints.  Modifications are available for every posture and students are encouraged to work at their own pace.


Each class will begin with a brief meditation practice and transition into a ‘vinyasa’ or ‘flow’ style class.  Students will be encouraged to move through traditional, active Yoga poses and Sun Salutations by way of breath and refined attention to alignment.  The purpose of this refined attention is to quiet the mind and allow us to settle easily into the final restorative postures of the class and the rest of our day.

Kids’ Yoga

Children will learn the basic underlying philosophy of Yoga through a playful asana (posture) practice, partner yoga, and art.  Meditation (or simple concentration techniques) will be introduced by way of focusing on the breath or an object.  Classes generally follow a theme such as gratitude, compassion, mindfulness, etc.  A healthy snack is provided and pick up from NCPS optional.